"A Cloak of Dark, A Cloak of Light" by Ashley
A Cloak of Dark, A Cloak of Light

I walk down the lonely roads
the only ones i have ever known
they are covered in codes
unable to be solved as i walk alone.

It becomes dark as coal
as a sheet of black covers me
i dont want it to have the power of control
so i try to escape it, not wanting to be its abductee.

In my repetitive failures, it encloses me inside
driving me deeper and deeper into the ground
it shoves me around like a strong sea's tide
i am twirled round and round.

I give in and lay on the cold hard floor
i weep and scream silently,allowing it to suck me in
as i become depressed more in more
i know it must be the end.

I've struggled with this darkness too many times in the past
when i get away from it it pulls me from behind
no matter how many times i've run fast
it drowns me and makes me blind.

I've escaped as much as it has conquered
but now i fear it has come to stay
its so hard for me to endure
making me feel i dont want to be alive another day.

Terrifying screaming voices come at me
tearing me at the seams i have left
my heart is breaking almost completely
it makes my heart it's goal of theft.

But then the black cloak vanishes almost magically
and a white one covers over this time
i wonder, "who is the one draping this white cloth over me?"
i look up and see Jesus, who says, "you'll be fine."

I cry in His lap as He comforts my soul
He wipes away my tears and i soon cease
i am held in His arms no more fearing the cloak of coal
as my Savior restores my heart piece by piece.

"is it You who always chases away my pain and fear?"
"yes, my child, it is I."
"oh thank you dear Lord for making my black streets bright and clear."
"I will be here for you no matter what especially when you cry."

Now i see Jesus no more
but i know He is in me
i keep the white cloak as i kneel on the floor
and thank Him for what He has given me.
   February 2019   
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