"He is real" by Ashley
† He is Real †

How can you turn from Him,
after all the things He's been?
A friend, a Father, a Savior.
How can you act of this behavior?

How can you not believe, not accept
all the pain and tears He's wept?
He's in it for you, me
and everyone in between.

He sacrificed His life for men and women
so that our life, could truly begin.
He agreed to be put up on that Cross
so that in life, we wouldn't be lost.

He loves us more than we know
more than anyone could show.
All He asks of us is to follow his ways
for the very rest of our days.

He paid our debt
and becomes our net.
Why can't you allow Him to save
before it's too late and you're in your grave?

It's not too much to ask if you really think
You can be saved in just a blink.
He wants our compassion and love
And we will be sent to up above.

How can people think He's a fake?
it absolutely just makes me quake.
I feel bad for those who don't believe
and so I have a goal to achieve.

I will tell His word night and day
and ask of people to not betray.
For He will be there for you through thick and thin
and He will help you turn from sin.

And if you feel so to accept now
please just bow your head.
Tell Him you're sorry and that you believe
tell Him you no more, will deceive.

Ask for forgivness from all your sin
and for help in shedding your old sinful skin.
He will fill your heart closing that empty hole
but make sure to thank Him for paying your debt in full.

   February 2019   
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